Earlier today, I had an encounter with a young man in our community. He is 22years old. He is among the young men I have good relationship with. Some days back, on the field where the young guys come around to play football, he was around and I saw signs that he “blazes”. He initially thought it was guess work, but to convince him, I gave him an analogy.
I said to him, “If you get to a town you have never been to before. It will not take you up to 30 minutes to know where they sell “the stuff”. Looking around, you will discover who uses it and you will ask the person, and the person will lead you there. What you will see in that person is what I saw now”.
He just started laughing and said “coach coach”.
We got talking and I used the opportunity to talk about Jesus and breaking drug addiction. I really did not stress the discussion that day as he was not receptive to it that day. But since then, I have been praying for him.
This morning, I was outside and I saw him walking past, I called him and we got talking and he speaks very good English. As led by the Holy Spirit, I told him he shouldn’t blame himself for anything, or see drug addiction as a way out. I shared a little of my own personal experience with him without having any idea about him.
Firstly, he uses drugs to escape insomnia. His parents are divorced and things are not really working for him. According to him, he did not find love in the church as people don’t care. Out of seeking refuge, he met a Muslim guy that took him up and introduced him to one of the imams of the national mosque in Abuja. He was well received and for once he felt at home as they showered him material things and money. He said, he felt sick some weeks later and more than 40 of them came with expensive cars to check up on him. After he recovered, he said he ran away and broke ties with them because he was scared of the affluence he saw. He said “I attend church now, shout hallelujah. But it ends there. Everything is fake, no love no trust. I got really low near committing suicide”.
This guy was so broken that he even feels God had disappointed him! At that point, I was almost in tears. Thank God I had been in that spot too before where I thought God had forsaken me too, I relived my experience with him. The drug issue was masking a real challenge in his life. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, we were able to make him rededicate his life Christ.
Many Christians today are more concerned about themselves and don’t have spare thoughts for those that need God around. If you have not seen the needy around you, (mind you, not all needy lack money. Some lack love, confidant etc.), it is because you have not been looking! For once, stop thinking about yourself, look around you for people you can minister Christ to.