When God created Adam, he was made perfect and God put him in charge of everything that He God has created. But when he sinned, he came under the creation. God was not happy at man’s fall and He sought a way of redemption out. God did His part by sending Jesus to die for mankind, but man has a role to play too. He must embrace Jesus for perfect order to be restored to such an individual.

The alabaster jar was costly but the emphasis was on the costlier oil contained in the jar. Not everybody has the treasure in them unless one is born again John 3:3-6. In fact, many people are empty and are weightless because they don’t have the Holy Spirit in them.
Jesus said, “you are the salt of the earth”. Matt 5:13a. If you are the salt of the world, you definitely must carry the substance to preserve your generation. The preserving power is of the Holy Spirit at work in us 2Cor 4:7.
If you have the “oil” in you, you won’t wait for the perfect time to do God’s will but rather create the perfect opportunity. The house of a Pharisee was not the right place for Jesus to be anointed but this woman broke protocol. She never waited till Sunday service when the whole congregation will be in attendance or the church’s special programme. She didn’t even take permission from the church hierarchy (who were in her case unaware of divine timetable) on how to go about the worship. Once she received the leading, moved by the Spirit and compelled by love, she acted promptly and damned all the consequences! By this singular action, she put herself in Jesus’ reckoning forever.
You are only obligated to the Holy Spirit in obedience. This woman took it upon herself to break protocol because I strongly believe that many people would have received instruction to embalm Jesus but maybe looking at the cost. Just like the case of young David who went and confronted Goliath without fear, or the three Hebrews who were not careful to obey constituted authority to go astray or follow the multitude to do evil. All these people decided to stand alone for God in their generation and God greatly magnified Himself in their lives. Do not minister flesh but the love of God. Preserve your generation with the power of the Holy Spirit in you.

Prayer point: I put to death the earthly nature in me in Jesus’ name.

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