Many times Christians try to receive guidance other than how the bible says we are to receive. Since God dwell in your spirit, that is where He is going to speak to you, Proverbs 20:27. Feeling is the voice of the body, reason is the voice of your soul and conscience is the voice of your spirit. You must understand that you are a spirit being and you contact the spirit realm with your spirit. You contact the mental realm with your intellect and you contact the physical realm with your body. The number one way God guides His children is by the inward witness. This is a form of supernatural knowledge given by the Holy Spirit, to know the decision to take concerning an issue; whether to go ahead or stop regardless of knowledge of the outcome. For example, you want to embark on a project and all parameters seem favourable but after praying over it, you receive a check in your spirit not to go ahead that is the inward witness. Many people unknowingly acknowledge the inward witness when they say “something just spoke to me”, that is the inward witness.

Where many miss it is waiting for the spectacular and thereby missed the supernatural. The inward witness is supernatural. At times, you hear the Holy Spirit talk to you in your spirit or by making strong impression (perception) in your spirit, Acts 27:9-10. Even the prophet is led by inward witness! No matter how the Holy Spirit leads you, your conscience which is the voice of your spirit will never go against it, except if it is from the devil. Many people through inward witness had been shown their life partners but they allowed their body or intellect to talk them out of God’s will for their lives and making a mess of it.

God may lead in spectacular ways like visions, audible voice (heard physically) or angelic visitation, praise God if He does but He never promised to lead us as such only by the inward witness. The patience to wait upon the Lord (not fasting now but by being calm in the spirit) is what is lacking in many Christians. No matter how much you confess your protection, if the Holy Spirit says don’t go, for your sake, obey. Many hastily jump into wrong conclusion and see the nobility of their decision which in the end bring grave consequences. Aftermath of which men in turn question God’s faithfulness over the person, whereas it is a flagrant disobedience to the inward witness. Acts 16:6 “Now when they had gone through Phrygia and the region of Galatia, they were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia”.

How to be led by the Spirit;

1) Be calm in the spirit: this may take longer to achieve in some individuals. You must deliberately chose to allow the peace of God to cover you.

2) You must train your spirit to study and meditate on the word.

3) Walk in love.

4) Pray in tongues frequently: this helps in no small measure to eliminate noise from your spirit.

5) Train your mind not to wander off while you are praying.


Prayer point: help me Holy Spirit to act on these daily in Jesus name.

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