LOOSE HIM AND LET HIM GO Escape from the prison Acts 12:1-11, Psalm 124:7

A new move of power was being experienced in Jerusalem as never been seen before. The God of heaven made the heart of mortal men, His dwelling place. God through His Spirit was doing great and mighty miracles among men. Many souls were being won for Christ daily. King Herod, a type of antichrist was enraged and began to fight the church. He maimed and killed many. He killed James; one of the Apostles, and when he saw that it pleased the unbelieving sect who were in the majority then, he arrested Peter with hope to kill him too. After he arrested Peter, the church reacted, V 5 “Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him”.

With all of Peter’s anointing, he was imprisoned! He had performed so many miracles, preached wonderful sermons but he could not effect authority over the situation. If not for the intervention of the church, he could have been killed like James.
Many of us, full of anointing, grace, and power of God, are sitting dormant in the prison of the enemy! I have seen very rich people attacked by the devil and also very poor people. Your social status, location, race, age, gender etc. does not matter to the devil, he’s just out to destroy.
The church was initially passive about their situation and the devil was having a field day. But when she arose from her slumber, God moved. Many Christians are passive in the challenges they are which makes it linger. Many are looking for a quick-fix solution but in the kingdom principles, nothing of such exist! Peter himself was deceived and he accepted the situation he found himself. The anointing is good but if you don’t stir it, you will continue to float and flow with the drift. Do something today, stand up and fight. Declare to the devil enough is enough. Refuse to yield any more ground to the devil and claim back every inch of lost ground back from him.

Prayer point: by the power of the Holy Ghost, I declare total freedom on every aspect of my life in Jesus’ name.

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