LOOSE HIM AND LET HIM GO Midnight praise Acts 16:16-34

Paul and Silas with some other Apostles were going to the place of prayer and they were being followed by a maiden with clairvoyance spirit. The damsel attested that the Apostles were men of God. She proclaimed that they were divine messengers albeit, with a wrong spirit. Clairvoyance may seem good but the spirit source is demonic.

Paul after some days that the girl had been following them, got angry and exorcised the spirit from the girl. This resulted in a problem for Paul and Silas as the owners of the maiden saw their means of making money gone. They were beaten not with whips but rods and many blows was inflicted on them after which they were thrown into the prison. Due to the severe warning the jailer received, he put them in the inner prison and he fastened their feet in the stocks.
Paul and Silas had every reason to bemoan, lament and regret their predicament but they acted otherwise. They never had bad thoughts for once. As it was their character, they began to pray and sing hymns unto God. If it was not their character, they wouldn’t have been able to summon the courage to do so. Not only were they singing, but they were also being heard by other prisoners. We must understand that it wasn’t a spontaneous reaction, but their way of life. They were used to praying and praising God for all things when it was convenient and when it was not. What great courage!
Due to their love, passion, and commitment to God and His work, God supernaturally showed up for them. There was an earthquake, the land and its inhabitants shook at the presence of God. Starting from the jailer’s family, many people gave their lives to Christ when they saw the great manifestation of His power.
As a child of God, you must understand that joy is a weapon. Isaiah 12:3 “With joy shall you draw out of the well of salvation”, and without which you can’t access God’s presence. Enough of sadness and being gloomy. Hannah had not met with her husband yet but rose up from the place of prayer with joy that her prayer was answered. Stop cheating yourself out of your blessing through sadness. Faith and confidence bring joy.

Prayer point: The joy of the Lord is my portion in Jesus name.

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