We serve a faithful God who does not forsake those that trust in Him. He can decide to save His own from problem or in the problem, either way, His faithfulness is ever sure. In our text for today, Daniel found favour with the king and the king placed him over the kingdom. Due to the favour bestowed on him, the other leaders became envious of Daniel. They sought to find a fault in him but couldn’t find any except in relation to his God, V5 “Then these men said we shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him concerning the law of his God”. They set him up and he was thrown into the lion’s den. But unknown to his detractors, the God Daniel served is all power and faithful. God sent an angel to shut the mouth of the lions and he was thus saved.
God proved to Daniel that He was a faithful God because Daniel himself had been faithful to Him. The only weakness Daniel had, which his enemies saw was God. He was that committed to God. Do you want God to be committed to you too? Then you must be committed to Him. Don’t serve God when it is only convenient for you, but even when it is not convenient.
There are battles that rage against us, ready to consume us just like the ravaging lions. In fact, we might have come within distance of them, but as God lives, His faithfulness will speak for us in Jesus name. He shut the mouth of the lions for Daniel, He will do so for you too when the enemies come against you. Serve the Lord faithfully and He will be a refuge for you.

Prayer point: Father Lord, help me remain faithful to You so that I enjoy Your faithfulness in Jesus name.

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