The word of wisdom is a fragment of divine wisdom supernaturally impacted by the Holy Spirit to see into the future and proffer solutions. This gift stands at the head of the list in terms of its importance. It enables us to speak and act with divine wisdom, and thus ensure the correct use and application of other gifts. When the word of wisdom is absent, the other gifts can be used wrongly, which causes much confusion. This is not talking of academic wisdom, or that, gained from experience or the wisdom to understand the bible or divine wisdom but a small portion of God’s wisdom revealed to man. King Solomon’s wisdom is divine but not the gift of the word of wisdom. A professor’s wisdom is purely academic while theologians have the wisdom of the bible.

One major characteristic of this gift is that while the gift of the word of knowledge reveals something about the past, this gift reveals something about the future! And it is given to tell of the will of God, a solution to challenges or warn us of impending danger ahead. This gift often comes along with the gift of the word of knowledge. When these two combine, it becomes a prophecy.
From Old Testament times, people operated with this gift. Isaiah’s prophecies were so accurate because he operated strongly with this gift. Joseph the patriarch; son of Jacob knew of the emancipation of the children of Israel many years ahead of time. That was why he said the Israelites should carry his bones along with them wherever they go. Samuel told Saul that the donkeys he sought had been found, David wrote of many things about Jesus because all of these people operated this gift. In the New Testament, Jesus told His disciples to go and untie an ass and what exactly to say when asked what they are doing. Prophet Agabus told Paul what awaits him at Jerusalem Acts 21:10-11 through this gift. Peter, Paul and Philip and others used this gift in their ministries. This gift is mostly operational in people with Prophetic grace.
However, there is a condition upon which this gift works in the life of individuals spoken to; which is the obedience of the person. Through the word of wisdom, many people have been told to do certain things according to the word of the Lord but they didn’t obey and the prophecies didn’t manifest in their lives. Whereas many people were equally given words which they obeyed and received that which was spoken ahead of time for them. When we don’t obey, except when the word contravenes the word of God, we may not see the manifestation of God. Cases abound in the bible.

Prayer points: Father Lord, send Your word to me and perfect my destiny in Jesus’ name.