WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR HAND? Exodus 3:13-14, 4:1-4

Moses was reluctant after the Lord commissioned him into ministry. He first asked, who He will say sent him? The Lord replied I am that I am! Still not convinced, he complained further that the people will not believe him, then the Lord asked him what was in his hands. Chapter 4:2-3 “So the LORD said to him, what is that in your hand? He said A rod. And He said, Cast it on the ground. So he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent, and Moses fled from it”. For forty years that he had been tending Jethro’s herds, the rod had been ordinary but no longer will it be after that divine encounter.

After he finally decided and embraced the commission, the only thing he took along was that rod and with it, he did valiant things and astounding miracles. Unlike Jacob that went out with a large company yet was afraid of Esau that wanted to kill him, Moses went out with only the rod and went out to meet Pharaoh that wanted to kill him too.

The Lord is asking you today too that what is in your hands. He wants to use it to His glory and catapult you into the realm of success. Many times we have disdained the seemingly near useless things in our hands yet it can be used by God to end generational hunger, it can be used to part any red sea, it can be used to shut up any enemy etc. but it will still be ordinary unless we release it to God. Is it your job, is it a craft you learnt, is it gifting, is it a skill like oratory? Yield it unto God and He shall turn you into a living wonder.


Prayer point: Lord turn every ordinary in me to extraordinary in Jesus’ name.