As a young boy, I loved the Lord. When I hear some messages at times, it burns in my heart but because it was like the wayside heart at that time, I soon forget what I heard and continue to manifest the works of the flesh. I was passionate about Jesus then and wished the whole world would accept Him but I too was not regenerated. Whenever I run into problems, I know how to fast and pray to God and He always miraculously get me out of them all. Somehow I was conscious of God’s calling but it was only zeal I had at that time. But many years later, when God appeared and said it was time, I whipped up a thousand reasons why it cannot be me and that he should look for anyone else!

After Moses discovered his true identity in Pharaoh’s palace, he sought to deliver the Israelites by his will power, he had zeal but no heavenly backing except protection. Though he was the one to be used, not with his human strength. If by his strength, how many Egyptians will he kill before he gets to Pharaoh? The Lord had to send him into the wilderness for forty years to break him. When God appeared to him, he was truly broken. He that was zealous enough to kill someone forty years ago was not willing anymore because he saw his unworthy state.
There might be some things you had a passion for as a little child but you couldn’t sustain it and it seems it is dead. But now there are gently nudging you are receiving from the Holy Spirit but you are trying to play it under that it is no longer possible, yield yourself to Him, you are the next wonder that the Lord wants to reveal to the world as a great instrument for His kingdom. Everybody will not be a preacher but everybody can be greatly used by God.

Prayer point: 1) Father Lord please make me ready for Your use.
2) Father Lord stir up every dormant gift in me in Jesus’ name.